A quick PICO-8 project for TweetTweetJam 7, where you're challenged to make some game with only two tweets (560 characters) of code.

Explore randomly-generated dungeons trying to get the highest score/health, or reach the deepest level (my records are 140 points and level 8)!

The game is decidedly unfair in that it can randomly generate unbeatable levels that will end your run (you can always refresh and start over), but using challenging diagonal moves (hit two arrow keys at ~exactly the same time) can get you out of many tight spots.

Source code:

l=1h=30c=split("⌂█░░♥∧█♥░∧████","")r=rnd::n::for i=0,7 do
for j=0,9 do
t=i%7*j%9==0and 2or r(3+l)\1+2s(i,j,t)end end
s(5,2,1)p=2q=7e=r(8)\1f=r(7)\1::m::cls()for i=0,7do for j=0,9do?c[g(i,j)],i*8,j*6,5
end end
b=btnp()if b>0then
if(t=="⌂")l+=1h+=9goto n
if e!=p and c[g(x,f)]!="█"then
e=x else if(c[g(e,y)]!="█"and f!=q)f=y
end end?"웃"..h,p*8,q*6,6
if(h>0and(e!=p or f!=q))goto m

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